Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Whose job is it to grow Blue Koalas?

It's your job!

That's right moms, dads, teachers, and community members. Your kids, my kids, they belong to us all. Be it socially, economically heck... even genetically (If you want to get technical.) we are all connected. We're one big happy family.

Sooo... cultivating little ones into responsible big people falls on the shoulders of us all.

Sooo... whether you are creating children's media, teaching kids in school, choosing appropriate stuff on the tube to mold your little one into something fantastic, or just walking across the street... Beware!!!

The children are watching.

The children are our future.

And YOU and me are cultivating that future each and everytime we interact with a child, be it actively or passively.

So be beautiful, and the kids'll follow!

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