Thursday, June 25, 2009

What is a Blue Koala anyway?

A Blue Koala is a kid who is right where we need'em. That's right... where we need'em.

Turning a kid into a Blue Koala means givin'em the tools that help him demonstrate leadership. It means teaching a kid how to think for himself as he thinks of the whole. The whole community.

It also means teaching kids to turn their ideas into action.

In Robby The Blue Koala Rides The Discovery Express, Robby is a hero. He's a hero because he gets involved in a small way. He does his tiny part which each of us must do. When each Blue Koala does their part our actions culminate into something wonderful. A more beautiful world.

The real goal of growing Blue Koalas is producing kids who choose to make the world more instead of less beautiful. Its instinctual and natural for us to build, create, and contribute. Humans are a gregarious species. We thrive when we work together. Compassion is in our genes.

Many of the problems people face today like depression, anxiety, low self esteem, likely stem from our ever increasing separation from one another, from the fact that we take part in our own communities less and less.

Kids who help, contribute, create, build, work, do, empathize, and cooperate are kids in their most natural state.

And being in your most natural state means being happy.

What's a Blue Koala?

It's a healthy, happy kid bound for great things!

John Lawrence
Owner and Founder, Creator of Robby The Blue Koala
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